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2010 Summer Reading
Read any two books of your choosing.
Complete two assignments
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Complete your Grammar packet
Complete the Romeo and Juliet assignment
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 English – Grade 9

Dear Students,

Welcome to 9th grade English! Along with the mission of the school, we have a lot of reading, writing, discussing, sharing, thinking, connecting, questioning, growing, and analyzing to do together this year. English 9 is a course designed to examine the world through literature and literary elements.  The goal of this class is to provide tools to think critically, study well, and to participate as citizens.  Ms. McDevitt and Brandon Cardet-Hernandez are excited to join you in discovery of the following issues through literature:

Identity – How do we see ourselves and how others see us?

Society vs. Itself – What complex structures in society help to shape it?

Person vs. Person - How do conflicts between people in literature translate to the real world?

Self vs. Self – How are we shaped by conflicts within ourselves?

Participation – How have people and how do we change the world?



There is only one rule in our classroom. The ONE RULE is to not disrupt the education of any student in the classroom, including yourself. The way to follow this rule is:

One Mic, One MC, Respect, Ask Questions, Participate, Communicate.

Grading –

50% Essays, Projects, Tests

30% Homework

20% Class work/Class participation

Please be aware that NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.

 You have the power to find out what your grade is at any moment.

It is always best to write down your homework while you are still in class. If you forgot to write down your homework go to this website:
If you have any questions please send email to

Ms. McDevitt is a 9th grade English teacher.  She has both a big smile and high expectations. Her goal is to assist students in becoming stronger readers and writers. Ms. McD loves LoMA and her students. She tries her best to help 9th graders become better high school students so they are successful at LoMA and one day are competitive in their college searches. Ms. McD believes in fostering empathy and creativity in young people through being positive and passionate about the world they share. This year she is super-excited to work with her talented collegue, Brandon Cardet-Hernandez in two of her classes.  In her free time she loves walking across bridges, making jokes, and finding adventures in the city. Ms. McDevitt likes to read and write poetry. Also, she is totally awesome. 


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Kat San,
Jun 11, 2010, 11:24 AM
Kat San,
Jun 11, 2010, 11:24 AM