The principle activites of the brain

After learning about personal learning styles, student wrote responses to the quote from Marvin Minsky, "The principle activities of brains are making changes in themselves"


Here are a few (anonymous) stellar selections: 


"The principle activities of brains are making changes in themselves",

This quote is basically saying that brains change and learn from different experiences as it matures. I completely agree. I wouldn't know about the minds of animals, but I can really see the changes in understanding that goes through the human mind. From as young as newborns to as old as super senior citizens, we always seem to be learning. But, of course, with age, the learning process becomes a little slower in our brains, and it can sometimes forget what we've already learned. But I still believe the brain never stops developing during our lifetimes, and with development comes new understandings. 

When we're babies, we learn almost immediately who our mother is, what cold feels like, what skin feels like, etc. As we grow into infants, we learn how to use those things called "legs" to move around, and that thing called a "mouth" to create sounds to express ourselves. We also learn how to use our hands, and understand which hand we prefer to use. As children we learn about respect and gain better comprehension on the basic rules of how the world works. We begin school and learn what reading and math is. And from then on we learn how to socialize, how to make distinctions between good and bad, and anything else we continue to learn throughout our educational career. And then we get jobs, and learn how to adapt to those situations as well.

So, you see? The brain just keeps taking in more and more to help you function easily in a daily life setting, as well as to a new surrounding and situation. We go out and learn how to do for ourselves when we live on our own, how to become compatible with others, how to handle new stresses. Basically, the works. The brain keeps you going past just being alive (heart pumping, lungs expanding, etc.) It just keeps working.



"The principle activities of the brain are making changes in themselves."

- My thoughts on this are that my brain controls everything I do which is true and that the fact that I would sometimes absorb information in order to make changes in my brain, for example it could be anything I heard, learned or saw ( activities ]. I have put a lot of thought into this I basically used my brain right there haha, I've seriously have thought so much and this is all I can get i hope this is pretty much acceptable, but hey! at least I did my Homework and not do it, i did effort isn't that good enough. Well good night and I'm off to bed have a great day tomorrow Ms. Thomas. =)


"The principle activities of brains are making changes in themselves"

      This quote probably means that people brains are developing at a normal pace and the more it grows it can gather more information. For example, our brains can grow like our bones. Since our body is always functioning and improving itself every single day. The right side of the brain is for the creative side while we use the left side of the brain to study and do our school stuff. So when it says the principle activities I think it means like what we do in everyday life and how do our brains react to the stuff we see and learn everyday. Also maybe how we absorb the information and which side of the brain takes it more and understands it better. It is involuntary because the changes in the brain we can't say stop changing. If it is voluntary then we could tell it to stop, but it's not. Sometimes emotions can also affect the brain, depending on how you feel. That is what I think the quote is about because it did talk about how the brain does all he changing itself, and right now at this age it is easier to gather a few more knowledge. When you are like a baby it is easier for them to learn a new language.


Quote: “the principle activities of brains are making changes in themselves”


 This quote above explains many things .but what it means to me is that our brain changes over time, not cause we want to but because it’s our brains natural instinct. It also can be that our brains change their instinct once we grow over time and also by new things we learn and see or maybe hear. When I heard/read this quote I was obviously confuse but I read it carefully, and when the quote says “the principle’s activities” it really means that our actions that we do are causing the effect in our brains. It’s not because we are growing or getting older it’s because we are learning new things and see new things everyday that our brain tries to grasp it all at once and keep it there. This is what the quote means to me.


Considering that Marvin Minsky works with artificial intelligence for a living, i agree with him. Why? Because if the brain didn't have access or the ability to change and make improvements, we would all probably have an IQ lower than Paris Hilton and George Bush put together.But i also think the brain's principle is much more then changing because the brain is extremely complicated. It completes things such as processing, memory and movement but. But yeah, i guess that if you put the brain in a general concept, the quote does apply 100%.

My reaction towards this quote is very small. So when I thought about this quote, it FINALLY came to me. I believe it means that your brain makes its own changes when it decides that you are ready for it. It isn't about what you do, you can't decide when you want your brain to adjust... it decides by itself. Then I did some research on this topic it took me to They actually said somethings similar to mine. Their opinion about this specific quote was:

"We used to think that our brains became fixed during childhood but the fact is our brains change continuously throughout our lives. If we do reduce our learning in later years it seems this is more about our mental unwillingness (choice) to try rather than any physical limitation (ability) of our brains."


I believe that they were just as right as I was.