Dance Studio Rules

Cell Phones and iPods

When you arrive for class, you will be putting your cell phone and iPods out of sight and out of mind.  This procedure is professional and respectable. Charging your phone without permission is inappropriate behavior. 

It is impossible to dance with a cell phone in your pocket and hand. Checking your phone during class will simply not be tolerated. Texting while dancing, No. IT CAN WAIT.

Cell phones and iPod’s are nice to have, you must put them away or they will be taken away and turned in to Ms. C and a guardian is contacted.



Studio Rules:

1.     Show up on time, orderly, with the best attitude possible. Lateness results in grade deduction even with a late pass.

2.     Be prepared. Includes dance attire and materials such as, a pen & pencil and assignments.

3.     Trash gum and open containers without a secure lid upon entering the classroom. * (Advisory: Breakfast is permissible)

4.     Be responsible for your personal items including, back pack and electronics. Take all you personal items with you upon exiting the classroom.

5.     Bathroom breaks, visits to the nurse, and hallway passes given on emergency basis only. Ask permission before leaving the classroom under any circumstance.

6.     Respect your teacher, peers, and any guest that enters the classroom. Treat others, as you would yourself. We cannot control people but we can control ourselves.

7.     Horse playing, rude and inappropriate behavior, and offensive language are unacceptable.

8.     Clean up after yourself. It’s nice to clean up even if you didn’t create the mess.

9.     Table sidebar conversation, keep conversation productive and on task with the topic.

10.  Late passes are not given unless necessary. We will respect time between class changes. All lateness no matter the circumstance, infringe on instructional time, you shall be on time arriving to each class. Using dance or “I’m coming from the basement” as excuse for being late is never an excuse.

 General Rules

1. If it is not yours, please refrain from touching it. If its valuable to you its valuable to others put it away.

2. Please demand respect but first, give respect. PAUSE, Listen Fully, then Respond. 

3. Participate by working to the best of your ability. Give 120% at all you do and you will succeed. You must push yourself. Excuses don’t lead to success.

4. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself, unless an activity requires use of physical touch. 

5. Be An Active Listener so that hear instructions the first time.


Any items that are of Value to you are considered Valuable to others. Take care with all your personal belongings, including electronics, costume pieces (which may be personal items from home), and shoes. It is your responsibility to guard your things. Remember Ms. Pope is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.