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Spring Break Assignment 2014

Write a five-paragraph essay discussing your choice of one of the prompts below. Each body paragraph should be written in TIEDTIED. You should have a HITT introduction and a TRUE conclusion. Essays will be marked late even if you are absent on the day we return from break. If you want help, complete your work early and come to tutoring during lunch or afterschool this week. In your essay be sure to:

·        Use textual evidence to support all of your ideas

·        Cite your evidence correctly (Shakespeare 1.1.23).

·        Underline your thesis

·        State and disprove a counterclaim

·        Mark clearly which question you are answering

·        Proofread, proofread, proofread


1.    Is oppression visible in Romeo and Juliet? What role does oppression play in the Text? How would the outcome of this play be different without oppression?


2.    Is there evidence of a change in someone’s character?


3.    Compare and contrast two different types of love visible in Romeo and Juliet.


4.    Pretend you were the Prince and you have to make a decree – Who would you pardon? Who would you punish? Why? How does the text support your decision?


5.    Do Romeo and Juliet have “free will” or are they ruled by “destiny” or “fate”? How do you know? How is the play shaped because of this? How would the play be different if the opposite were true?

Spring Break 2014 Creative Extra Credit

Extra credit will only be accepted from those who have completed an essay on time.  Your extra credit assignment will add 10 points to your essay grade. You must include a 1 page typed “artist statement” that explains your choices. Please choose from one of the following creative choices inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (or have one of your own ideas approved by your teacher).


Artistic Assignment Options:

1.    Write and perform/videotape a Song or Rap

2.    Create a movie of a scene or speech

3.    Write a vlog, blog or diary of one of the characters

4.    Choreograph and perform/videotape a dance

5.    Create a drawing or painting of a scene

6.    Create your own sound track to the play

7.    Write a sonnet or other poem

8.    Write your own play

9.    Your own idea approved by the teacher



You can find most DAILY class information, homework and worksheets at --- see you there!!


CLASS OF 2017!!!

Ms. Watson with Mr. Colin and Ms. Beegle

English 9:

Literature and The Critical Lens


Welcome to LoMA 9th Grade English!  In this class, students will analyze and discuss the factors that define the world and the people who live in it. We will look critically at some of the decisions we make in our own lives. Expanding our view of the world will only help us read more critically and carefully. Using critical theory to guide our views, we will begin to read through various critical lenses. Answering and asking more questions than ever before, we will investigate why people, including ourselves and fictional characters, make the choices they do. We will investigate concepts of identity, racism, sexism, heterosexism and other issues of oppression, as well as the power we have to make choices. In addition, we will read and write more and better than we ever have before, expand our vocabulary, work on grammar, and build our understanding of literary elements! Through scholarly articles, music, art, film and literature, we will address such questions as:

      What does active reading look like? Why is it important?

      What are power and privilege? How do they affect our society?

      What is oppression? Where can we see it in the world around us?

      What kinds of tools do authors use?

      What essay writing skills can I take with me to college?



Students are expected to have the following supplies, come see us if this is a problem:

      3 ring binder (1 inch) – with extra paper (you will continue to need extra paper as the year goes on)

      A homework 2-pocket folder

      Pen or Pencil, every single day!

      A working, school appropriate, email address



Each of the three Marking Period Grades per semester get averaged together to form your grade for the Term. Your work every day matters. Grading will be based on the following percentages: 


Writing & Language - 30%

Reading & Content Knowledge - 30%

Speaking & Listening - 20%

Independence - 20%


What is independence? You can’t pass without it!


      Coming to school and class on time.

      Entering class quickly and quietly and getting started on the Warm Up at your seat right away.

      Bringing your binder with you as you sit down and keeping it organized (yes, it will be checked!)

      Being prepared every day with pencil/pen, the text, your own loose leaf paper, any worksheets we have been using, and your LoMA planner to write down your homework.

      Respecting everyone in the classroom including respecting our time as a group by being on task too. This also means no name calling, distracting others, touching anyone, or anything else that gets in the way of anyone’s learning including yours.

      Completing your homework ON TIME (Late homework will not be accepted).

       Bathroom and Nurse passes cost you points.

      SLANT - Sit up, Listen , Ask & Answer Questions, Nod, Track the Speaker


1.     Late Homework:  Homework will NOT be accepted late.  If you have special circumstances, you must contact Ms. Watson BEFORE the assignment is due. Major assignments (anything typed) will be accepted late, although a letter grade (10 pts)  will be docked for each day late.


2.     If you have an excused absence (see student handbook), you will be given extra time for missed assignments, equal to the number of days absent. Assignments will only be accepted at the same time as the teacher signs your absence note form. This is done in tutoring.


3.     Cheating, of ANY type, will result in a ZERO on the assignment for all people involved. You also put yourself in jeopardy for getting a ZERO for the entire marking period. LoMA’s definition of plagiarism is when you take four or more consecutive words or an original idea from a source without citing it. (Remember we want to you hear your ideas, not Wikipedia’s ideas!)



            The format of this course and the nature of the topics that we will be discussing require that class remains a safe-space at all times.  Students will be asked to make presentations, share their opinions, and disagree with their fellow students and their teacher.  Such mature dialogue can only happen in an environment where all members are respected as individuals.  You are expected to act as high school students; there will be little tolerance for immaturity.  Therefore:


1.     DO YOUR BEST!!! 


2.     Respect your peers and your teachers.  This includes using appropriate language, appropriate dress and general manners.  We are in high school – not middle school. 


3.     No eating or drinking in class.  Water is acceptable. 


4.     All cell phones and electronics are prohibited in school.  If we see it or hear it, we take it.


5.     You must come to tutoring whenever you return from an absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to get class notes, assigned homework and any handouts.  We do NOT track down students. 


6.     Pay attention and stay focused, ask questions when you are confused!


7.     The teacher decides where students sit and this can change at any moment.


8.     If you are called into the hallway. Wait silently by the door for the teacher to come and talk to you.






Learning Schedule:

There are two semesters for the whole year. Each semester is broken into thirds. Each of the 6 marking periods are made up of approximately 6 weeks. This is basically what they will look like ( dates are subject to change) :



MARKING PERIOD 1 (9/9-10/18)


            Week 1&2  (9/9 - 9/20 ): Where I’m From Poem

 Other Skills: SLANT, alliteration, simile, metaphor, rehearsing and presentation skills.

Major Due Dates:

      Due Friday 9/20 -- all students present their poems.


            Week 3 (9/23- 9/27): Power, Privilege and Oppression

Other Skills: Learn Warm up and Binder procedures, Close Read procedures, oppression circles, TIED body paragraphs.

Terms: Power, Privilege, Classism, Oppression, Internalized, Institutionalized, Stereotype, Media

Major Due Dates:

      Due Friday 9/ 27 --  Weekly Homework Packet Due


            Week 4 (9/30 - 10/4): Classism & Racism

Other Skills: TIED body paragraphs, Great Books Discussion format

Terms: Racism, Race, Ethnicity, Class

Major Due Dates:

      Due Friday 10/4 -- Weekly Homework Packet Due


Week 5 (10/7- 10/11): Sexism & Gender

Other Skills: TIED body paragraphs

Major Due Dates:

       Due Friday 10/11 --  Weekly Homework Packet Due



            Week 6 (10/15 - 10/18): Heterosexism/ Allies and Bullying

Other Skills: Major Marking Period Essay, How to Save

TRUE writing structure for conclusion, HITT for introduction

Terms: Heterosexual, Homosexual, Gay, Gender norms, LGBTQ, cyber bully

Major Due Dates: No weekly homework packet -- Only

      MAJOR MARKING PERIOD ESSAY Due Wednesday 10/16


MARKING PERIOD 2 (10/22 - 12/9)

            Week 1 (10/22 - 10/25): The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison - Autumn

Other Skills: Plot shape and structure, TRUE writing structure for conclusion, HITT for introduction

Terms: Plot, Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution, Narrator, Character, Protagonist, Antagonist, Setting, Characterization, Critical Lens

Major Due Dates: 

      Due MONDAY revised Essay with Intro and Conclusion

      Due Friday 10/25 - Weekly Homework Packet

      Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday evening 10/24 & Friday Afternoon 10/25


            Week 2 (10/28-11/1): The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison - Winter

Other Skills: Apostrophes and Pluralization

Major Due Dates:

      Due Friday 11/1 -- Weekly Homework Packet


            Week 3  (11/4 - 11/8) The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison - Spring

Other Skills: Coordinating Conjunctions


Major Due Dates:

      Due Friday 11/9 -- Weekly Homework Packet


            Week 4 ( 11/11 - 11/15) The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison - Summer

Other Skills: Summarizing

Major Due Dates:

      Due Monday 11/19-- 3 Paragraph Written Response to the Novel


            Week 5 (11/18 - 11/22)  The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison - Essay!

Other Skills:  Review TIED

Major Due Dates:

      Due Monday 11/25-- 3 Body Paragraphs


            Week 6 (11/25- 11/27) The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison - Essay Cont. !

Other Skills: HITT & TRUE

Major Due Dates: 

      Due Wed. 11/27 -- Bluest Eye Essay (typed & printed)

      11/27 Bench Mark day


...The rest of the marking periods are contingent on what happens in the first 12 weeks.



If you have questions about your grade sign into Pupil Path and check your score.

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