Students are responsible for the following:

  • To be in class seated and begin work before the bell rings.

  • To be prepared for class with a notebook and pen or pencil.

  • To actively be a part of the class by taking notes, offering solutions, asking questions, and presenting board work. Asking questions is especially encouraged.

  • To maintain the cleanliness of the classroom.

  • To complete homework assignments on time. This means by the next class after homework has been assigned unless otherwise stated.

  • To discuss the cause of any absence with the teacher. When there is knowledge of a future absence, the teacher should be informed before the absence.


Grading policy:

Final grades will be based on the following:

                        Exams and Quizzes : 65%

                                       Homework: 15%

                                       Class work: 10%

                                            Projects: 10%



Though exams will focus on the most recently covered material, students are responsible for each topic covered the entire semester.  There usually will not be a review before an exam. Exams will be given on the first and third Friday of each month.



There will be one quiz every week in which you do not have an exam.  Quizzes are two to four questions taken from any homework assignment given in the previous week.  Each quiz will be given at the beginning of the period on which they are scheduled.  The combined score from all quizzes will count as a full exam grade when calculating final grades.



Homework is assigned regularly and is due the following class unless otherwise noted. Late homework will not be accepted. In the case of an absence, the student will be given until the class after his or her return to hand in missed assignments. See me should the absence be an extended one (three or more days).

All homework should have a heading at the top of the page that includes the students’ name, the date, and the homework number. If it lacks any of these it, credit will not be given.



You are expected to have a notebook and a writing utensil at every class. Students are required to have a quad ruled (graph paper) composition notebook. These are available at Staples,, or other places where school supplies are sold.

You should not expect be supplied with pens, pencils, or paper. During exams sharing calculators is not permitted.

Graphing calculators: Some topics require the use of a graphing calculator. While a calculator will be provided in class, one will not be provided to take home. All students are therefore encouraged, but not required, to purchase their own graphing calculator. The Texas Instruments TI-83 and TI-84 models are recommended.


Khan Academy Class Code:



Your notebook must be complete. If you are absent, you are expected to obtain the notes from any day you missed from a classmate. Check the class web-page to see what has been posted that day.

The date and day of the week must be written in the upper right-hand corner at the start of a lesson.


 Monday, Sept. 9, 2013 

Aim: How do we…

LoMA’s Non-negotiables:

1. No personal electronic equipment is allowed in class

Cell phones, music players, smart phones, iPads and other tablets, and all electronic equipment are not permitted in school. If you have your electronic device out during class, I will confiscate it for the remainder of the period. Charging electronic devices during class is also prohibited. If the student refuses to relinquish the electronic device, a pink slip will be written on the incident and the parent / guardian will be called.

2. No food or drink except water allowed in class

Food includes candy, gum, sunflower seeds, and any other edible substance not for medical purposes.

3. You must move your seat if asked by an adult

4. You must have a hall pass if you leave the classroom

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