Mr. Riccobono


Classes:      Algebra 2/Trigonometry
                  9th Grade Algebra

Tutoring:  Mr. Riccobono will hold regular tutoring Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays after Drop Everything and Read in room 330. You may also speak to him about attending tutoring at other times.

Other resources:

Khan Academy - A great online resource where you can watch videos on almost any topic, including Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus

Purplemath - Search by topic to find written explanations, examples, and diagrams for any topic. Video lessons, online tutoring, and interactive problems are available as well, but for a fee.

Desmos Online Graphing Utility - An excellent online grapher.  

TED ed - More mini-lessons on video. The link sends you to math videos, but you can find lessons and TED talks on a wide variety of subjects at this website.

Sparknotes - Lots of material written to support high school and college level courses. Also, plenty of test-prep material.

Wolfram|Alpha - Input a topic to find examples, diagrams, and related material. Or, enter a specific problem and get solutions and more.

Online Graphing Calculator - Exactly what it says. Input up to four functions at once and graph them. Can also compute intersection points and plot individual points.

WebMath - You can search for relevant topics, input a problem, and see the solution explained, although the explanation is sometimes a bit confusing.

Tutorvista - The site has summaries of many topics as well as online help via chat.

Smartphone Apps:

13 Calculator Apps for iPhone - Some are free, some are merely cheap. Different apps that can graph and solve equations, simplify algebraic expressions and more!

Wolfram Course Assistant - Review material and support applications for a variety of courses. Each course is about $2. Preview whether you think it's worth it here.

Downloadable Graphing Calculator Emulators:

This YouTube video will explain how to download a graphing calculator emulator to your windows computer

This YouTube video will explain how to download a graphing calculator emulator to your mac

Also, you can visit the Google Play store to download an emulator for your Android phone

Interesting Problem sets:

Not necessarily math:

Crash Course - Short, very well made videos in U.S. history, World history, and Chemistry.

Free Book Notes - A website that aggregates a number of other sources for study help with 100s of books.

Harmonic Theory - The mathematics behind musical scales and harmony.

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