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Ms Pierre's Advisory

Welcome Parents and Students to the Advisory Page.
Hi all! Last year our goal was Being Organized. 

This year the focus is on Achieving Success...Here are some of the topics we will discuss throughout the year.

What are your goals for this year? What steps do we need to take to achieve our goals? What should we do everyday to be successful? How will we know we are getting closer to our mark? What foods should we eat and avoid to be more attentive in class?  How does sleep affect our minds?

You must be on time. 5 late records/absences result in a failure for the marking period. 

Be prepared for the school day, have pens, pencils and all other required materials for class.  

HW check is MANDATORY and done everyday! No Excuses.

Tutoring is MANDATORY. No Excuses. We (you, your subject-teacher and I) will create a monthly schedule for you to follow.

Reading is MANDATORY. No Excuses.  We will read the same book and have in class discussions and pop-quizzes. 

Believe in yourself!

For more information, email musiqueteach@yahoo.com.

Ms. Pierre

Here are our classroom vocabulary words: