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CONTACT INFO: Ms. Sheahan/terisheahan@gmail.com

Our class: Ninth grade science seminar is a comprehensive introduction to Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Environmental Science. 

Projects: Our class will rely heavily on project based learning. Students will be working in groups in order to complete inquiry based projects. 

Labs:  We will have weekly labs in the LoMA science lab, room 305. These labs must be written up and will stay in my possession. You will have the opportunity to make up missed labs at the end of each marking period. 


Absences: Absences must be as few as possible. Previous absence is not an excuse to arrive unprepared.  I expect you to contact me if you are absent to make up missed work. 


Required Materials

Three-ringed binder and lined paper. Pens or pencils and erasers. It is your responsibility to bring your notebook and a pen/pencil everyday! All notes will be kept in your notebook.


Grading policy

Tests/Projects: 40%

Quizzes:          20%

Homework :     20%

Participation:    20%



Late homework will not be accepted. Homework is collected as soon as you enter the classroom. 


Extra Help: Is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after school from 3:00-3:40. 

T Sheahan,
Sep 20, 2017, 11:45 AM