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Arrival and Breakfast: 7:30
Start of school day: 8:30
A parent/guardian, or a previously designated adult who is on the blue emergency card (over 21 years old) must pick you up if you need to leave early for any reason, including illness. Students should not leave the school except for extreme emergencies and will be responsible for all work missed. Doctor appointments are to be scheduled for after school or during vacation.

Responsibility for attending class lies with you and your family. This is very important because success is directly connected to attendance and punctuality. You should also know that we are required by law to report excessive absences to the state.

If you are absent you must bring a note from you parent/guardian or doctor to Ms. Cordero upon return with your student ID# written on the note. This note will be verified with parent/guardian as well as doctor or agency if appropriate. You are then responsible for all the work missed, including class work and homework. Absence does not excuse you from handing in a project or major assignment that is due. Absences from school will be considered excused (with a note from parent/guardian) for the following:
  •   Personal illness
  •   Death or serious illness in the immediate family or household
  •   Medical or dental appointments which cannot be made other than during school time. If necessary, schedule all doctor appointments at a time that the student will miss the minimum amount of class.
  •  Other reasons which can be justified from an educational standpoint.

Absences, or lateness, from school for the following reasons will generally be treated as unexcused:
  • Picking up brothers and sisters from school — Vacations
  • Work for parents/guardians or employers
  • Hair appointments


You must be on time for classes in the same way that employees are expected to be on time at their jobs. With the scope and rigor of our curriculum, punctuality is imperative in order to devote a full measure of attention to the work assignment. If you are late you must sign in at the Main Office. Lateness will be reflected in your grades.


Students who miss class for any reason, (absences or lateness) are required to find out what work they missed and make up all work in a timely manner. Parents/Guardians should also call
, 212-505-0143 ext 3186 or 5891or email:  lcordero@schools.nyc.gov, to report child’s absence.

Working Papers: instructions and application

*Working papers are processed YEAR ROUND, don’t wait for the last minute.

All applications will be completed 2 days after handed in.

    · Application (Link in right-side column) MUST be signed by parent/guardian.

    · Physical form (Link in right-side column) or letter from doctor MUST be an original, no copies or faxes will be accepted. Doctor’s information/license must be clearly stamped on form or letter. If it’s a letter from the doctor it MUST state “physically fit to work”

    · All completed forms should be returned to Trece in the main office, at the end of the school day (3:00pm) Allow 2 days from date paperwork is submitted for processing. Plan accordingly!