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Intro to Dance (9th)

Freshman dance  

.25 credits  



Course description  

This class is required for all freshmen at LoMA as part of their 1st year arts rotation before finalizing a major at the end of the academic year. Students will spend roughly 9 weeks learning the fundamentals of dance. Students will experience US Social dances through the times, World Dances and Formal techniques. Students will also learn and use introductory compositional elements in solo and group work. This course is designed to give students a small taste of what they could experience deeper if they choose to continue their studies as a professional dancers and how dance is connected to the other arts. 



Example Schedule (subject to change) 

Week 1: Introductions, learning the warm up 

Week 2: Latin Dance  

Week 3: African dance  

Week 4: Ballet  

Week 5: Modern (Horton)  

Week 6-8: US Social Dances 1920s- 2000 

Week 9: Final choreography project presentation  



65% Participation 

10% Written quiz 

25% Final Choreography Project  



Students will receive verbal assessment from the teacher on a consistent basis. About a quarter into the rotation students will begin to give and receive peer assessments, both verbal and written. Rubrics will be used for the performance project.  



Freshman students are not mandated to wear dance clothes, but should keep in mind that they will be dancing every class. 


Dance Non Negotiable’s 

NO cell phone use.  

It’s really hard to dance  with a phone in your hand.  

No “doing it for the ‘gram” 

NO street shoes on the floor  

We dance in our bare feet and you will track in dirt from the street onto the floor we roll around in. It keeps the floor clean and your clothes clean.  

NO food or drink other than water in a screw top container 

No one likes a sticky floor and bugs 

NO disrespectful talk