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Dance Majors (10th-12th)

LoMA Dance Majors



Course description

This class is required for all students who chose to major in dance at the end of their freshman year. Throughout the 3 years LoMA Dance Majors will study in a variety of styles such as, Modern Dance (Horton), Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Traditional African and Hip-Hop Dance. While studying these techniques LoMA Dance majors will also be required to participate is multiple choreography projects to expand their choreographic and performance voices. At the end of the school year students will have the opportunity to participate in the Talent Show and Major's Showcase. Dance majors will also have opportunities to be involved in performances outside of school hours and trips to professional performances throughout the NYC area. Along with performing and creating, dancers are required to respond and analyze movement both written and verbally.


Choreography projects will be based on:



Responding to music


Master Works

Social Justice Themes

Dance on Camera





50% Participation

40% Choreography/Performance Projects

10% Written work/Quizzes



Students will receive verbal assessment from the teacher on a consistent basis. About a quarter into the rotation students will begin to give and receive peer assessments, both verbal and written. Rubrics will be used for the performance project. Students will also self assess in their journals on a weekly basis. 



Dance majors are to wear dance appropriate attire. This consists of close fitting clothes (that should not constrict movement). Baggy attire is not permitted because it may get of the way of movement. Dancer's should feel comfortable in their clothes.


Dance majors are to be barefoot for every class. Dancer's may wear modern footwear such as FootundeezTM. Socks (without ball paddings) are not allowed for safety reasons. Dancer's may slip on the wooden sprung floor.


Sneakers are allowed only during Hip Hop lessons, and only if they are stage only shoes (They have not been worn on the streets).


Dance Non Negotiable’s

NO cell phone use.

It’s really hard to dance with a phone in your hand.

No “doing it for the ‘gram”

NO street shoes on the floor

We dance in our bare feet and you will track in dirt from the street onto the floor we roll around in. It keeps the floor clean and your clothes clean.

NO food or drink other than water in a screw top container

No one likes a sticky floor and bugs

NO disrespectful talk