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(FS 1 Sec.01/02/03)   2012-2013

    Teacher: Mr.Lopez                                 

email: Elopez@lomanyc.net                          




Welcome to LoMA's Spanish Language class . This tenth grade course, will be an  introduction to the Spanish language. We will be exploring the widespread influence of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. This course will guide you to a knowledge of the language from first contact with its alphabet to vocabulary build up and communication/self expression through proper grammar usage.


This is the second exciting year we will be working with the online language program called POWERSPEAK.


Through the program you will explore the Spanish language through stories, songs, puzzles, lectures, vocabulary sets, videos, and more.  You will also explore the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries through videos, CultureGrams, and more.

You will be responsible for completing all of the following important activities and tasks.

  • Vocabulary Sets:  Learn to quickly recognize and pronounce a wide range of useful vocabulary sets in a variety of contexts.
  • Patterns:  Learn how Spanish grammar works. 
  • Stretch Activities:  Learn to comprehend, perform, and create sentences, stories, conversations and narratives.
  • Games and Activities:  Practice and reinforce your new Spanish material.

The tools we will use in this exploration of the Spanish Language will include listening, reading, writing, and speaking. At times you will also be presented with material from a textbook/workbook and handouts. All skills will be taught gradually and systematically reinforced through practice and review. With these methods you will discover the skills you need to start practicing the language and become lifelong learners of it.



As we have much to learn and practice you will need to participate actively and consistently. This requires that you take responsibility for your own learning. It is important to show up for class and keep absences to a minimum. Class will begin promptly. All class work and homework is your responsibility, even when you are absent. If you are having difficulty with the class work or the homework please inform me right away so that I can help you.





Your grade is an average of the following:

             Classwork: 75%

             Tests/Projects : 25%



To get the most out of this course it is important to remove the barriers that language and culture can sometimes build up. Once this enthusiasm and eagerness to learn begins it can lead to exciting new experiences, as well as personal satisfaction and valuable growth.



                         Buena Suerte!    Good Luck!

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Ernesto Lopez,
Sep 8, 2012, 8:20 PM