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10th Grade Drama Syllabus

Drama as a Major/ 10th grade Syllabus

Course Description

In accordance with the Blueprint for the Arts and the New York Common Core Standards, this course focuses on fundamental acting techniques, playwriting, and theatre appreciation. Through warm-ups, exercises, improvisation, monologues, scene work, playwriting workshops, and performances -students develop their ability to communicate, and appreciate the world of theater.  Students will also develop the important skills of concentration, listening, teamwork, and spontaneity. There will be many opportunities for performance, writing and creative play.

In this class students:

 • Engage in relaxation exercises and warm-ups

• Learn vocal projection techniques

• Participate in improvisation exercises

• Become familiar with theatre vocabulary 

• Read, write and analyze monologues and scenes

• Practice line memorization

• Receive and give constructive criticism

• Reflect upon performances

• Learn to self reflect

• Perform for an audience

• Become involved in the school community performances

• Participate in a 10-minute playwriting competition

• Introduced to styles of theater

Course Requirements

Keep a journal/Folder with all writings, drafts and scripts.

Complete all readings and assignments.

Come prepared with all materials provided.

Class Participation: Theatre is a collaborative art form that relies heavily on the combined efforts of its

participants; therefore, full participation in the class warm-ups, improvisations, and evaluation sessions is required.




Class Policies

 1) You must be in class and ready to work. If you are late, absent or disrespectful you will lose participation points.  You will only be excused if you have a verified note.  If you do have a note, you will be expected to ask for and complete makeup work.

2). You may not eat food or drink beverages other than water in this class. You will be expected to participate in all games, writing assignments and projects.  You must wear clothes that you are able to move around in comfortably.

3) Your attitude makes up a huge amount of your grade, I expect you to be kind and respectful to each other as well as to teaching artists that will be working with our class. Check your outside drama at the door.

4) When I raise my arm, I want your arm to go up and your mouth to close immediately.

5) Please speak to me before or after class if you have anything physical that I should know about or if you are having trouble in the class.

6) Consider this class a job; it is your job to be here.  If you cannot be in class, then leave a message on my voicemail explaining why you are not here you must also find out what work you need to make up. In cases where late work is accepted, grades will be significantly lowered.

7) When I stand in the circle, it means come to the circle immediately, not after you have put on your makeup, nibbled at a bagel and kissed all your friends.  Save the social stuff till after class.

8) Do not ever leave the room without my permission. Also, you must go to the bathroom before or after class, you will not be allowed to go during class.  Do not ever make arrangements with other teachers to miss class unless I have approved it.

9) Cell-phones should not be visible at any time in class.

10) All materials/books/equipment must be cared for and returned to their respective places.

11) Students will be expected to respect and to respond to guests and teaching artists in a mature and involved manner.

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