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Syllabus for 9th Grade Introduction to Drama and 10th Grade Drama Majors                         
 Teacher:  Mr.Lopez                               
(212) 505-0143                  


The Ninth Grade Introduction to Drama course will be a general study of the tools that an actor needs to perform in front of an audience. We will be looking at and practicing:

- Warm-up Exercises and Theatre games

- Silent Scenes (without and to music)

- Improvisation Skills

- Open Ended Scenes

- Monologue Writing and reading of Texts

- Dialogue Writing and Performing of Scenes 

The knowledge, terms, and techniques practiced will give each student a foundation of dramatic and comedic skills. Throughout the 12 week cycle, we will create characters and performances using body and verbal language. The course will be exciting, entertaining and inspiring as we will all use our creative spirit to express ourselves on stage.


The 10th Grade Majors course 

is a year round, 2 semesters (credit) class that meets 3 times a week.

The tools and elements covered include:

- Relaxation and Warm-up Exercises

- Advanced Theatre Games

- Improvisation Techniques: Review and Practice

- Non-verbal (Silent Scenes) Practice

- Reading and Writing of Monologues and Scenes

- Analysis, Reflection and Constructive Criticism

   of in class performances

- Writing a 10 Page Short Play  

The focus of the course will include the development of the total student, which includes the development of personal resource, self confidence, and ability to work well as a team.


As we have much to cover and as much of the process is challenging, you will need to give the best of yourselves, everyday. This requires that you take the practice and learning seriously. There will be plenty of time to enjoy what is being created, but a serious approach to the craft of performance will keep the experience a positive one. It is important that absences be kept to a minimum. Although I will help you to catch up with missing work, all class practice, presentations/performances
and reflective writing assignments are your responsibilities.


Your grade is an average of the following:                                                 


  • Class Participation : 75%
  •                           (this includes readiness at
                              start of class)
  •  Writing (Creative and Reflections) 25 %
  • (includes HW assignments)
    The exposure to basic acting skills such as improvisation, characterization and stage movement bolsters the student’s ability to self-express. It is my wish to help you communicate in an environment that will give you confidence to succeed.