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Mr. Lopez

         The new school year 2016-2017 is here ! 

The Powerspeak online program will once again play a major part in our foreign language course (Spanish).
Click on Spanish, below, to read the syllabus and learn more about what this program offers our LoMA students.
Drama and the other arts (Dance, Music and Art) were equally exciting last year, as students in 10th grade and above were able to focus on their preferred art major and incoming 9th graders were introduced to each Art arena throughout the year.
Click on Drama attachment at bottom of this page for syllabus information on both 9th grade Drama introduction course, and the 10th grade Drama major class.
It's going to be another exciting year! Enjoy and above all, LEARN! 

Welcome to Mr. Lopez' Web Page

panish           The first few weeks are devoted to the Spanish personal pronouns; basic greetings; when to use     

                      tu and usted; as well as vocabulary building and grammar introduction. Throughout the
                      year students get a chance to practice speaking, listening and writing on the PGLMS online site.
POWERSPEAK online programwww.pglms.com   (Use your Login information to view site)



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