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3rd Semester Algebra 2 / Trigonometry


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This semester ends with the Albebra2/Trigonometry Regents Examination in January.  The key to success is that you work at a steady pace, and never let up.  It is important to stay with the material as we move through the year, and take advantage of tutoring if you need any clarification. You have to review material continuously to avoid an insurmountable amount of work at the end of the semester.  


What is expected:

1. Be prepared!!

2. Complete all assignments/homework on time.

3. Absences must be excused! You must follow up on missed assignments.


Homework will be given on regular basis. The more we get done in class, however, the smaller the homework assignments will be. As much as the schedule permits I will give you weekly homework. This will allow for time to ask questions or take advantage of tutoring during the week. Work must be shown on all homeworks, quizzes, or tests where appropriate. (No work, no credit). I deduct one full grade for every day a homework it late. Tests not taken count as a zero unless an acceptable excuse is provided.


Grading policy is as follows:  Homework 25%, Class Participation 25%, Tests/Assessments 50%. Grades can be checked at


Note: The Regents Exam will count for 25% of your final semester grade.



Please sign, detach, and return the bottom part to me.   Thank you!


I  _____________________________ declare that I will do whatever work is required of me. I will follow the guidelines and try my best. I understand that I will pass the Algebra 2 Regents Examination if I am consistent in following through with my commitment.

Signature ______________________________








Variables and Expressions

Equations and Inequalities

Patterns, Functions, and Relations

Coordinate Geometry

Arc Length & Radian Measure

Trigon0metric Functions

Statistics and Probability