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001 POW Broken Eggs

The Broken Eggs

The Situation

A farmer is taking her eggs to market in her cart, but she hits a pothole, which knocks over all the containers of eggs. Though she herself is unhurt, every egg is broken.  So she goes to her insurance agent, who asks her how many eggs she had. She says she doesn’t know, but she remembers some things from various ways she tried packing the eggs.

She knows that when she put the eggs in groups of two, there was one egg left over.

When she put them in groups of three, there was also one egg left over.

he same thing happened when she put them in groups of four, groups of five, or groups of six.

But when she put them in groups of seven, she ended up with complete groups of seven with no eggs left over.

Your Task

Your task is to answer the insurance agent’s question. In other words, What can the farmer  figure out from this information about how many eggs she had?  Is there more than one possibility?


1. Problem Statement

2. Process

3. Solution

4. Extensions

5.  Self-assessment