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J. Reilly

Algebra 2 Common Core Syllabus for 11th Graders

Course Description: 


Welcome to the New York Common Core Algebra 2 course! 

This is the third math course in the three year sequence of high school mathematics.


We will be studying concepts with polynomials, rational expressions, radicals, complex numbers, exponents & logarithms, absolute values, sequences & series, interpreting and building functions, trigonometric functions, statistical data and probability.


Students will be expected to think deeply about these topics in order to see structure in algebraic expressions, to create equations to solve problems, to express geometric properties of functions, and to make inferences and justify conclusions with statistics and probabilities.


The New York State Common Core Algebra 2 Exam will be given at the end of the course in June 2018.



LoMA's Four Non-Negotiables:


1.  No cell phones or headphones allowed.

2.  No eating food in classrooms.

     No drinks are allowed except for water

3.  Students will be assigned seats.

4.  Students must have a pass when leaving the classroom.


Additional classroom rules and expectations:


1.   Respect everybody in the classroom: teachers, student teachers, tutors, visitors, students, etc.

2.   Respect the space around you – clean up your area at the end of each class; don’t write on desks or chairs; don’t throw any items in the room; deposit trash in the trash cans.

3.   No hats or hoodies in the classroom.

4.   If you would like to discuss grades or any other matters, meet with me before or after school. Class time will not be spent discussing your grade.

5.   If you are asked to leave the classroom, do so immediately and quietly.  Conferences will be held on a one-to-one basis (usually outside) and no private information will be discussed in front of the class.  If students refuse to leave the classroom, the dean or principal will become involved.




Required Materials:


Students are expected to come to class with a notebook or a loose leaf binder, pens and pencils. A graphing calculator will be provided for classroom use. Graph paper will also be needed for certain topics.


Recommended Websites:











Tutoring is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:00-3:45.  Students can ask specific questions, complete homeworks or assignments and work together.



Grading Policy:


Homework- 15%

Exams- 45%

Quizzes- 10%

Classwork/Participation- 15%

Projects- 15%


Homework will be given on a daily basis. All work must be shown to receive credit.  Late homework will not be given full credit.


Students are expected to participate in class by completing the opening problems, writing notes, asking and answering questions, completing classwork and giving their best effort.


Quizzes will be given at random during class.

Exams will be announced in advance and cover specific topics.  

Review questions will also be spiraled into exams.

Projects will be given and must be completed during the semester.


All grades will be entered into pupilpath so you may see your current average.

Algebra 2 course outline 

Unit 1: Polynomials

Unit 2: Equations

Unit 3: Complex Numbers

Unit 4: Trigonometric Functions

Unit 5: Real Numbers

Unit 6: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Unit 7: Series

Unit 8: Probability

Unit 9: Data Distribution