Miss Lue




Course Description


This class will be a series of thematic lessons- every reading, prompt, question, assessment, etc. will be related to one overarching theme.




Truthfully, I expect a lot. I expect you to be prepared. I expect you to be present.  I expect you to do more than just try. I expect you to learn. I expect you to succeed.  I expect you to think and do more than just copy words or ideas you read or heard but never actually interpreted. I expect you to do your own work to the best of your ability. I expect you to communicate with me whenever you experience a problem or have a concern. Work hard now so you can play later.


Classroom Expectations


1.      Come to class every day. Attendance counts. You cannot pass the class if you are not here.

2.      If you are late, go to the main office (room 318) and get a late pass. Upon entering the classroom, do so quickly and quietly. You missed something. Try to catch up.

3.      Keep the classroom clean. Leave the room the way you found it. Any garbage you create must be thrown away. If you don’t want it then neither do I.

4.      Sit where ever I assign you a seat. If you cannot see, then I will accommodate you, however, you should be able to learn from any place in the room as well as with any scholar. Do not become territorial or refuse to move.

5.      No cell phone usage. Do not take it out. Do not keep it on. Do not charge your phone. Do not take selfies. Do not text anyone. Do not take Snapchats. Do not listen to music even if you have a head set/ earphones. Your cell phone and earphone/ head set are away and out of sight.

6.      Be respectful- to me, to your peers, to the staff and to any visitors. Respect should be shown in what you say, how you say it as well as classroom and hallway behavior.

7.      Do not touch, borrow or take anything that belongs to me without asking me for permission first and having that permission granted.

8.      Be prepared to work. Have your supplies with you in order to complete an assignment in a timely matter.

9.      Keep all food and drinks out of the classroom, you are only allowed to drink water.

10.  Sign out and take the classroom pass. Go to where you say you are actually going. Return to the classroom in an acceptable time.





You will need the following supplies:


1)      A pen (blue or black ink only)

2)      A pencil (sharpened with a clean eraser)

3)      8 x 11 inch loose leaf, a notebook is not necessary

4)      A folder for this class/ subject only. You do not need a binder. You can use a folder from another class/ subject just as long as you leave room/ a space/ section for this class

5)      A colored pen and/or high lighter, do not bring a marker though




You are required to attend this class. If you miss a lot of classes, you will miss important classwork, assignments, discussion and review and your grade will be affected. If you are ever absent, it is your responsibility to come to tutoring to make up any work (if possible). Please submit a legitimate doctor’s/ medical note or a note from your parent/ guardian that explains why you were not in class as well as the date(s) of the absence(s). These notes can be sent to me via e-mail as well. Please inform me about why you were absent as soon as possible.




Arrive to class on time.  This school is a small school, therefore, there is no reason why you cannot arrive to class within the three minute passing. Chronic lateness will result in phone calls home. If you do arrive late, do not stand up, taking a long time to sit and identify what you missed. Settle in but do not interrupt the class which has already started without you.




Homework will be assigned regularly. Please do it. It counts. Late homework will not be accepted and will receive a zero. The only time homework will be excepted late is if you could not be in class because you had a legitimate reason and provided a note for it.




Your grade in this class will reflect the amount of effort that you demonstrate. If you work hard, complete your homework, be prepared for class every day, complete readings as assigned, then your grade will be fine. Quality as well as quantity will be considered. In order to receive passing grades on various assignments, it is important to think and create using the time necessary to complete the assignment.


Class participation 20%


Yes it counts. Find something valid and relevant to say or ask during class discussions.


Classwork 20%


Everything counts- journal writing/ guided free writes, do nows, group work, annotation, etc.


Homework 20%


Your completion of all homework assignments, including reading , annotation


Projects, essays, marking period assignments, reports, letters, compositions 40%


Grades earned on projects, presentations and major pieces of writing



Quality of Work


I expect your work, what you submit to me for a grade to be stellar, high quality, complete. It should reflect effort, knowledge and analysis.


Do your own work. Cheating is plagiarism, taking someone else’s work and using it as your own.  Any cheating or plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the assignment as well as a conference with your parent/ guardian.


Getting Help


There are several ways that you can get extra help in this class:


1.      After school tutoring- Tuesday through Thursday from 3:00 to 3:45

2.      Email me- if you need help or have a specific concern, be clear, communicate to me what you need help with, starting, completing, etc.

3.      Conferences- I can briefly discuss your work or listen to you during class or privately in the hallway

4.      Revision- Depending on an assignment, I will give you the opportunity to redo it for a higher grade provided that you submit the original draft so that I can evaluate how the revision shows improvement

5.      Returned graded work- Read my comments/ corrections on the assignments I return to you and use that grade and my feedback to assist you with a similar/ upcoming assignment

6.      Class discussions- pay attention during class review and ask questions then in order to get clarity sooner instead of later



If you need a pen/ pencil/ paper/ a handout/ a book:


Do not interrupt the class by asking for materials/ calling out. If you need something, I will lend/ give it to you. You, in turn, will give me your student id in exchange. I still expect you to be prepared and keep borrowing to a minimal.


If you are late:


You must have a late pass to enter the classroom no matter how late you are. When entering the room, immediately and silently take your seat. Do not interrupt the learning process or distract someone else who is actively engaged in the lesson.


If you finish an assignment early:


Please do not shout out that you are done or finished. Do not put your head down or go to sleep. You can read what you have written, proofread it, revise it by writing additional information or patiently wait for it to be collected.


Hall passes:


If you need to use the bathroom, raise your hand and wait to be called upon. Only one student may leave the classroom at one time. No passes will be issued during the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes. Do not ask to use the bathroom every single day. Sign out the hallway pass and sign in upon returning. Be aware of how long you have been out of the classroom.


End of class:


The bell is the signal that class is over. You will remain in your seat, reading, writing or working until class is over. At the signal, you may pack your things and only then are you dismissed.

Unit of Study


In this class, you will analyze and discuss the theme discovery, devotion and deceit and apply it to various works of literature.  You will define it, evaluate how its meaning is portrayed in literature as well as how it is shaped or changes. You will also view and analyze this theme through film.


We will use numerous approaches such as crafting personal essays, several ways to vary our style of writing, application of literary elements and techniques and rhetorical devices, numerous reading strategies, revision, an author study, writing a resume, etc.

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