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Useful Information
Welcome Graduating Class! 

This semester is full of new events, and as always, students, faculty, and parents need to be aware of procedures to make the entry into college a success. Parents and Students need to be aware of:

- The Financial Aid application: FAFSA
- Finishing college applications
The College Office and our CBO partners love working with our senior class.

The staff listed below are available to help students and parents with the college application process.

One request to parents: please provide us with proof of income as soon as possible; this helps us to identify which college admissions opportunity programs and scholarships your child will qualify for. Without documentation we lack the necessary information for accurate college guidance.

If you have any questions, please call us at 212-505-0143.
Teri Sheahan, College Advisor at LoMA - ex 632                   

Taisha Perez, College Advisor at LoMA - ex 589
Sue Schaller, College Now Coordinator at LoMA - ex 631                  

Cinthia Pimentel, College Advisor from the DOOR - ex 631