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The Rainbow Trouts
                "Nolite Facere Stupidi"

"You just have to have the guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself." -Tina Yothers

Advisory is a twenty minute period at the beginning of each day.  The purpose of this period is multifold.  First, we will be working on the skills and tools to be successful in adapting from Middle School to LoMA.  Secondly, we will be talking about long-term goals and dreams and how to make them attainable.  We will also be working on several thematic units based on student interests, including Dance, Poetry/Freestyle, Visual Art, Health/Personal Welfare, Harassment/Bullying, and Current Events.  This is not a free-talk or study hall period, and this class does bear credit.  All of these topics and the schedule below are tentative and subject to change:

Mondays: Letter to the school from Dr. Wenk

Following this letter, we will always have a discussion and will occasionally have to write a response

Tuesdays: Reading work

We will introduce our quote of the week, and follow it with reading a passage from our group reading book.

Wednesdays: Book/Discussion

Wednesdays will be taking the activity that we do on Tuesdays and applying it to our time at school, our quote of the week, our lives, our city, or the world at large.

Thursdays: Skills Practice

Thursdays in the second semester will be dedicated to Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Spelling (GUMS), Study skills, reading comprehension, and other critical skills that are necessary for your success in High School.

Fridays: Journal Entries

Typically they will be themed about either a current event or in response to a quote or idea that I will provide.  The last Friday of every month will be a free journal write unless otherwise noted.


Rule #1 (Don't Do Stupid) is in effect from the moment you walk into the building until the moment you leave.  Indeed, once you leave, I encourage you to continue to follow the rule, but it is not my purview.  From time to time, we all will lapse, and when one of our fellow Trouts falls into Stupid, we will all be there to pull them back up.  Violaters will be announced, awards-show style, and will be expected to make a short speech describing their violation, why it was a problem, and their future solution.  If I feel it necessary, I will ask the leading questions to hear what we all need to learn.  A very sarcastic round of applause will follow.