Prospective Students

This is a page for middle school students to learn information about LOMA

What time does school start?
-Advisory begins at 8:40am every morning.  Click for the bell schedule

Do you have to wear uniforms?
-No, LOMA students do not have to wear uniforms to school (but we do require a physical education uniform for gym).

What levels of classes are taught to all grades?
-Freshmen take Algebra, Earth Science, ELA, Global History and Arts
-Sophomores takes Algebra or Geometry, Living Environment, ELA, Global History and choose an art major.
-Juniors take Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Chemistry, ELA, US History and their art major.
-Seniors take Algebra 2/Trigonometry or AP Caclulus, Chemistry, ELA, Economics, Government, art major and an internship.

Are there sports available at LOMA?
-There are PSAL sports available through the Seward Park Campus as well as school sports teams.  There is also a swimming pool to take swim classes.

How do art classes work at LOMA?
-9th graders take 10 weeks each of Art, Dance, Drama, and Music
-10th graders choose a major in one of those 4 subjects and takes courses in that subject in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

What types of clubs are available at LOMA?
-Check the list under the link on the left for Extracurricular Activites
-All students have to earn 12 extracurricular credits to graduate from LOMA.

What foreign languages does LOMA offer?

Do students have to interview or audition to go to LOMA?
-No, LOMA is an open admission school; no interviews or auditions are necessary.