September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008

Dear LoMA Family,


 The habits I wrote about two weeks ago seeming to be taking hold with many students. Students seem to be focused in their classes, homework is getting done and attendance remains solid. As a result of everyone’s good work, the first test scores are coming back with high grades. I also heard a lot of positive comments at last week’s well-attended Parent Association Meeting. Parents told me that their children were taking school more seriously and had high expectations of going to college. In 12 days when the marking period ends I expect to see plenty of 83 averages indicating that they are serious about college.


For students that don’t yet have the 83 average, tutoring is now available for all classes. I always find it ironic that the smartest kids in a class are always the ones who are most likely to attend tutoring. When I look in the rooms I see more students with 90 averages trying to get 95s than I see students trying to turn around their failing grades or make up for missing homework. Remember the rule, students who fail the first marking period will be mandated to attend tutoring every week for every class they fail. It is much smarter for struggling students to attend tutoring now before it’s too late. Every teacher is available after school from Tuesday - Thursday and Friday by appointment. In addition to all that they will learn from the individualized attention, students who attend tutoring show their teachers that they are trying and that really care about their grades. Furthermore, tutoring will count as an extracurricular activity if students attend ten hours in a semester.


It is time now to start working on those extracurricular activities. By now every student should have turned in his or her sign-up form, and this week everyone should start going to their activities so that they can get full credit. The rooms and days are on the back of today’s letter. Ms. Gordon has entered student requests into the computer, so if students don’t follow through, they will have failing grades on your report card and will be put into jeopardy of not graduating.


One of the more vital school organizations is the Student Council. By Tuesday, every advisory should have elected their representatives. I would like to see a creative, empowered Student Council organize fun and interesting events this year. Up till now, Ms. Garfield and a small group of students and staff have done most of the work in organizing school dances and the Thanksgiving Feast. It’s time for LoMA’s students to step up and make exciting events happen.


If you have not seen it yet, visit LoMA’s new website – It has pictures, calendars of activities and every teacher has a webpage (under “the LoMA team link”) with useful information. Under “statistics” you can also find out lots of information about the school like what the teachers, parents and students said about us in last year’s surveys.


Keep up the Good Work Everyone,


John Wenk