September 21, 2009


                                                                                                                       September 21, 2009

Dear LoMA Family,


LoMA’s first graduation last year was a landmark event in the history of the school, the culmination of all of our planning and hard work. I am proud that 90% of our first class graduated or transferred before then, that 100% of the seniors who began the year graduated on time and that 85%  of them were accepted to four-year colleges. As I reflected about these accomplishments in my journal last year, I thought about some of the lessons that we all learned from this first class; lessons that we will use to make our school even better for future graduating classes:

  • The extracurricular activities really made a difference in these students’ lives  and, as required, every graduate earned their twelve extracurricular credits (ECs). The graduates told me that the relationships they formed through the LoMA Theatre Ensemble, Oppenheimer Funds, the basketball team and so many other activities provided them with the support they needed to succeed and made school more enjoyable. This year we have more extracurricular activities than ever, and you should have turned in your forms by now so you can start attending activities this week.
  • Tutoring made a real difference in helping all of the graduates. It enabled the ones who struggled the most to pass their Regents and our highest performing students to earn their As. Today you will receive a form to ensure that you will receive credit for tutoring. Every time that you attend a tutoring session, have the teacher sign off on your attendance. At the end of the term, you must turn it in to Ms. Gordon in order to receive an EC for every ten hours you spent with the same teacher.
  • Our graduates learned the importance of caring for school property. Too many of them had not returned library and class books over their four years at LoMA.  While we do provide students who owe school bills and fines with programs, we do keep track of every fine and withhold their diplomas until they have settled all school accounts. I hope that word of this gets out so that students return all their books in a timely manner so that they will never have to pay hundreds of dollars for lost books. If you have books at home now, you can return them to Ms. C.
  • Most of our graduates have learned the advantages of going away to college – it provides fresh opportunities to meet new friends, become immersed in a more academic world and grow in new directions. Some students who did not go away to college have already come to bemoan their decision and have asked us about the possibility of transferring in the future. They will have to wait a year. I hope that future classes will earn their 83 averages and be able to go away to college as freshmen.

Last year’s graduates were successful in earning scholarships, completing meaningful internships and passing everyone of their classes, but they were just the beginning. I expect great things from all of our graduates, and look forward to all that loMA’s present students will accomplish.


Work hard,



John Wenk


September 28              Yom Kippur                no school

October 12                  Columbus Day            no school

October 23                  End of Marking period