March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009


Dear LoMA Family,


Today we are distributing handy subway maps with helpful information on the back about various counseling services throughout the city. As counseling is a loaded term that may carry lots of baggage for some people, I have asked loMA’s counseling team to write about it for this week’s newsletter. Their response follows:


What is counseling? At LoMA we have a counseling team that includes Trece Cordero, Renae Despointes, Fredda Gordon, and Corey Schnur. Even though they are all part of the team, they all do slightly different things. For example, Corey Schnur is our social worker and dean. She sees students for individual counseling, does group work and is the dean who takes care of discipline. Fredda Gordon, is our guidance counselor who keeps all the student records and advises students on their academic progress, and counsels them in accordance to these needs. Trece Cordero, our Parent and Attendance Coordinator, counsels families and students concerning their academic standing and attendance. Renae Despointes is our counselor.


The counseling team works together to insure that students are emotionally available to learn and succeed. We do this with the support of outside agencies. You can see many examples of this on the handout. There are many community based organizations that we work with directly to provide additional support to students after school, holidays and over summer break. These are usually free or very lost cost. We do this because it is important for students to be supported year round.


In everybody’s life there are times when things become overwhelming or we feel lost. The counseling team feels strongly that providing support during these times in a person’s life can make all the difference. We all have a slightly different role, and have different personalities. This is an asset in serving students who are diverse.


We all have experienced supporting friends and family who sometimes need advice, or a shoulder to cry on. To get the right kind of help for what you and others need, it is critical that you speak to a trained professional. All of the numbers you received on this subway map handout are people that can provide this help.


The counseling team is here for you.


I am tremendously proud to work with all four of our counseling team staff members. Like many of you, I often turn to them for wise advice and steady support. Along with our teachers and support staff, they make LoMA a family for all of us through their caring.


Sincerely yours,



John Wenk