Junuary 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

Dear LoMA Family,


Today is the big day. After students report to their 11:00 class and attendance is taken, classes will proceed down to the auditorium for the inauguration celebration. The festivities will begin with short dance and music performances, at 11:10, and at 11:30 we will go to a live feed the Department of Education has set up for us. The problem is that while we have tested this connection, some people are worried that so many people will be tuned in to the inauguration that the feed may crash. We have about four back-up plans if this occurs, but the worst-case scenario is that Mr. Colin will videotape it at his home up the block and we will watch it on a delay. Please be patient; we’ve all waited a long time for this day.

Another problem for some people is that the minister giving the invocation, Dr. Rick Warren, has been an opponent of equal rights for gay men and women. Given Obama’s strong civil rights record, this has angered many of his supporters who may turn their back on Warren when he speaks. If you should choose to do so, please do it in a way that does not disrupt other viewers.

To commemorate and connect to this event, every student will be required to write a letter of response to President Obama that we will mail off as a school at the end of the week. To ensure that these letters appropriate and thoughtful, they are to be written in proper business letter form, and should be a specific response to the inaugural address. To ensure this, you must complete the form on the back of this page during the inauguration and bring it to advisory tomorrow. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, you will write the letters. In this way you will make this occasion even more memorable and meaningful.


Sincerely yours,


John Wenk