February 10, 2009

February 10, 2009


Dear LoMA Family,


The new semester began last Tuesday and students received their report cards last Thursday. It is time to make sure that everyone has a plan to succeed for the rest of the year. In advisories this week you’ll be working on goal setting and planning.


  • Your advisor will show you a copy of your report card that you will review, enter in new goals for the next marking period and list the specific steps you will take to meet these goals (ie attend tutoring once a week, contract with teacher, improve note making skills). If you failed any classes last term, you may have the opportunity to contract with your teacher to reverse the grade by the end of June. This will usually entail earning a 75 or higher for the spring semester, attending tutoring and succeeding on a Regents exam. It is up to each student to meet with each teacher to ask if it is possible to make a contract and then commit to its terms. Failure to do so for any failed class will automatically lead to either being left back or summer school.
  • Later in the week, you will work with your advisor to develop individual learning goals. In addition to earning a high grade, you should have specific performance goals for every class. For instance, in my global studies class some students are focusing on using the Cornel Method of note making while others need to work on using flashcards to memorize vocabulary terms. It is never enough to say that you will study more if you do not know how or what to study. Your individual learning goals should be your guide to higher grades.
  • Today you are receiving the extracurricular requirement request form. As too many of our seniors have discovered, if you do not earn at least 12 extracurricular credits, you will not graduate from LoMA. As more and more students are attending tutoring, we are also attaching a tutoring roster. For every ten sessions of tutoring you attend, you can earn an extracurricular credit. Return these sheets with your parent’s signature by Wednesday. You do not have to wait for confirmation from Ms. Gordon before you start attending, Most of the activities have already begun and you should already be attending them.


It’s a new term, and I can sense that many students are reinvigorated to do better than ever. Now, let’s put plans for success into effect. After all, failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.


Plan intelligently,



John Wenk