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 Homework Help

Homework is a big part of a student's schoolwork. We have listed several links to websites that offer suggestions to ways in which parents may help their child with their homework. Most of these suggestions have to do with giving the student a framework to be successful at their homework, not going over the individual assignments and checking them.

We have included links to websites that MAY be helpful to answer specific questions that your child may have about homework. We can't say for certain whether the information the student needs is available but we have found them to be generally helpful.

This site has ten basic tips and includes a toggle for a Spanish translation as well as a voice recording of the article.

This site was developed by the U.S. Department of Education and covers many different parts of the homework process:

This site has links to many other sites that offer homework help based on subject:

This site offer homework and research help for students that was develop by NYC Department of Education: