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Level 3 Majors

Spring Semester 2018 Concentration:

Music Articles and Critique
You will read articles, journals and essays about various topics surrounding music, musicians and artists.
Each piece of writing will be accompanied by videos and discussions.
You are responsible for taking notes and researching any relevant information.
For each piece you read there will be a written exam, two or more written responses and listening activities for homework.

Below are links to three essays  that will be studied this month:

1. Family Feud
2. Prophetic Struggle
3. Be Glad That You Are Free



Classroom Expectations

No unapproved lateness/absences allowed for Senior-related activities.

The consequence is a 5 point-deduction on your participation grade per unapproved  lateness and "0" for each unapproved absence.

You are all responsible for-

  • Fulfilling your individual classroom assignments and maintaining a log of activities.
  • Contributing to your in-class discussions and performances.
  • Getting any missed required text/notes prior to the next class.

*Schedule Practice Time As Needed

*Extra Credit: applies to anyone who has completed above tasks and desires a higher grade for the first semester. 
*NO extra credit will be given for the Spring semester.

You manifest what you believe.
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