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Level 3 Majors



A. Research project


        1. Music and Physics

        2. Careers in Music Presentations


-Choose a book from the list ONLY 

-Chapter summaries are required starting in February


B. Talent Show

-Prepare a musical performance for the talent show

-You may perform with any current LoMA student

-Exceptions apply for extensive after-school work/hours


C. Individual Performances

-Performance of your ten original songs

(one per month)

Classroom Expectations


No lateness/absences allowed for Senior-related concerns.  Take care of that before class or after class. The consequence is a 5 point-deduction on your participation grade per lateness/absence.

You are all responsible for-

  • Fulfilling your individual classroom assignments and maintaining a log of activities.
  • Practicing your instrument: warm-ups; group, individual, talent show and graduation music

            -Challenging your skills: new and varied pieces

            -Contributing to your in-class group performances

*Schedule Practice Time As Needed

*Maintain your Activity Logs

Extra Credit: applies to anyone who has completed above tasks and desires a higher grade for the first semester.  NO extra credit will be given for the Spring semester.

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