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Level 2 Majors

Hi 2nd-year Majors! I hope you are all doing well. I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon.  Please review your notes everyday! Scroll below for the new quote.

I am looking forward to an intense year with you all. We are going to Shed like never before and put our musicianship into high-gear.  This class meets 5 hours a week with 2-yes 2- Two-hour blocks. Be sure to review your notes prior to every class. Let's get started!

Please click on the link below watch the video and be prepared for a discussion.

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End of year goals:

Playing 2-octave major/minor/pentatonic scales with 2 hands on the keyboard

Playing 2 songs on the keyboard with 2 hands

Intervals, Triads


Bass Clef-read with proficiency

Rhythm: Triplets, Sixteenth notes, Dotted-Notes,



Research paper (3-5 page)

Original composition (We will create a Level 2 Song)



1)    Public performances (talent show, class trips)

2)    Informal class performances and rehearsals

3)    Ensemble performances and individual demonstrations

4)    Written quizzes and tests

5)    Self-evaluations and peer evaluations


Classroom expectations:

Be on time for class.

Be prepared for class.

Do not use cell phones or other unauthorized electronic devices (i.e. cameras, gaming systems) during class.

Observe all classroom rules







Fall Outline


September: REVIEW

Theory:  All major scales



Theory: Major and Minor scales, Intervals and Triads

Intro to Jazz Theory and History

Sight-singing; sight-reading

Rhythm: Ties, Dotted Notes & Rests


Theory: Chords continues; jazz theory ongoing; 

Sight-reading and sight-singing continued

Rhythm: Triplets, Dotted Notes & Ties (Complex meters)



Theory: Review and Final Exam

Solo performance due