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Level 1 Majors

Hello Music Majors!! Hope you are listening to music and reviewing your notes.  Remember to study daily and be a music major all day everyday!!!

past material: reading notes on the Treble and Bass Clef
new material: tones, semi-tones, accidentals and all major scales

 HW is due on Wednesday, November 14, 2012!
Exam on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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End of year goals:

Playing 2-octave major/minor with 2 hands on the keyboard

Playing 2 songs on the keyboard 

Intervals, Triads


Bass Clef-read with proficiency

Rhythm: Triplets, Sixteenth notes, Dotted-Notes,


Western Classical Music

Jazz History

Research paper (3-5 page)

Original composition


1)    Public performances (talent show, class trips)

2)    Informal class performances 

3)  Class rehearsals

4)    Ensemble performances and individual demonstrations

5)    Written quizzes and final exams

6)    Self-evaluations and peer evaluations



1)   Review of Treble/Bass Clef

2)    Tones and Semi-tones

3)  Major Scales

4)    Getting to know your instrument & technique

5)    New Music for group performance and solo practice


1)   Major Scales continued
2)     Minor Scales
3)  Key Signatures (possibly)
4)    Sight-reading rhythm and triplets

5)    Music History 1- Baroque, Classical period & Romantic era music

6) Instrument practice


1)   Review of Major & Minor Scales & Key Signatures

2)     Intervals, Triads and Chords
3)  Intro to jazz- theory and history

4)    Sight-reading rhythm and notes

5)    Music History 1- Baroque, Classical period & Romantic era music

6) Instrument practice for group and solo performances


1)    Intervals, Triads and Chords continued

2)   Sight-reading rhythm (triplets) and notes 

3)   Jazz theory continued, Tonic & Dominant Chords

4) Individual performance final

BuzzWorthy Words

Flat, Sharp, Natural, Double Sharp, Double Flat
Key Signature
Major Scale
Minor Scale