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Music Majors

"Excellence is the standard everything else is subpar. I should surpass what has been done before because it has been done before." Kanye West

The Music Majors participate in a variety of music lessons to facilitate their personal musical interests as professionals. In this intense 3-year program, the majors continue to read and write, progress to sight-sing and sight-reading music and create original pieces.  Music majors will be responsible for performing in class and at mid-year and end of the year events. In addition, majors write research papers.  The topic will be discussed in class.

Approaching performances:
Open House
Winter Show
Talent Show
Major's Show

VIDEO OF THE MONTH: Listen. Pay attention.

Students will be graded daily in the following categories:
•    Classroom Participation (30%)
•    Performances (25%)
•    Homework/Papers:  (25%)
•    Exams: (20%)

Expect written and performance-based quizzes on a weekly basis. 

Miniature final performances will be held during class near the end of each month.  The dates will be posted on the bulletin board a week before. These mini-recitals serve as assessments for you to measure your accomplishments.

Studio Class Includes
  • Learning and properly using music terminology.
  • Properly handling your instrument.
  • Sight-reading.
  • Sight-singing.
  • Improvisation.
  • Composition
  • Using music software to record and create songs.
 Required Materials
  • Music Folders and Music notebook-
  • Sheet Music-
  • Pencils
  • Theory packetgiven in class
  • History pactet-this will be given in class
  • Music to practice in class
  • Materials specific to your instrument
                   Vocals- Pitch pipe
                Drums- sticks, and drum pad
                Guitar/Bass- pics,  strap
                Keyboard- keyboard book, headphones