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Music Class Guidelines

        The 5 P's of Perfecting your Music Class Experience:
Hello musicians! Below are a helpful tips to make your Music Experience at LoMA great.

No eating, bottled water only, glass bottles not allowed, no electronics (cell phones, music players (sorry) and etc);

Bring your notebook and pencils to every class. Review previous/past lessons prior to each class

Raise your hand, respond to questions or discussions with meaningful ideas, ask questions, play your instrument, perform group and individual music assignments and complete all classwork,

Your behavior and attitude are everything!
Be respectful of yourself, peers and me! Absolutely no bullying.  Believe in yourself and perform to the best of your abilities.
Refrain from using foul language.  Be creative it's music class, find another word.
Do not handle instruments without permission.

Dedicate time to your instrument.  Do NOT wait until you have class to practice.  Attend special sessions either before or after school and some weekends.
"Practice makes permanent"
Grading Policy: How do I get the best grade in Music?
Participation (Classwork) 32.50%:
Each student enters the room with a participation score of "5".  If you maintain appropriate participation behavior you keep your five.  Once you do not actively participate or an infraction occurs such as usage of foul language, bullying, handling instruments without permission, you lose points. Also, participation includes attendance.  How can you participate if you are not in class? Unexcused absences will result in a ZERO for each absence.

Homework & Exams (Tests/Quiz) 32.50%:
    HW is to be completed and turned-in by the due date.  Late HW is not accepted without an approved absence note and so will result in a ZERO for each missing assignment.

Homework includes all assignments listed in your Music Syllabus as well as work assigned on the same day.  It all counts.  Homework helps you and I.  When you do your work, it tells us both what you mastered and what you may need some more assistance with. Don't cheat yourself, do your homework!

**Homework is due upon entrance into class unless otherwise noted. Anything turned in after the first 5 minutes will result in a 5-point deduction unless accompanied by a late pass.

    Exams are given on a weekly basis unless otherwise noted.  They are based on material covered during the week. Quick reviews preceed (come before) all exams.  Final exams are given once a marking period.  Final exams include both written material and performances. Performance finals are individual and given by level. Each student will receive a check list to ensure you know what to prepare for.

Projects/Performances/Papers 35%:
    Projects and Performances are group-based will be discussed in class. They will be graded based on individual efforts.  Projects include but are not limited to creating original pieces (songs); Creating researched based music videos.

     Papers-Music Majors ONLY.  Music Majors are each required to submit one paper per semester.  Thus, you will have written 2 papers by June on various topics related to music. Topics will be discussed in class.  All papers MUST be typed.  Hand-written assignments are inadmissible. Unexcused late papers will result in a ZERO.

Bring all supplies to every class. This includes music notebook, packets and for majors any instrumental supplements. 

Why do I need to practice?
Practicing improves your skills.  We will develop a check list of what you need to work on.  If you do not practice you can't get better. Drills are the most important component for preparing you to become a great musician.

In the event of an absence you are required to get your missed work prior to the next class.  Special arrangements can be made to review any new material but you must inquire on your own,  this is a privilege.
Excused Absence Note: An excused absence note is a note approved by Ms. Cordero, the parent coordinator.  Late HW must be accompanied by an excused absence note.

"I wasn't here and didn't know what the HW was" -Your HW is in your posted on SKEDULA
"I was late because I was with Mr. or Ms. ...." - Get a late pass from whomever you were with. Period.
"I didn't do the HW because I didn't understand it" - Ask for help before you leave the classroom or send me an email a full day before the due date.
"I couldn't study because I didnt have the notes." - Get notes from the website or a peer or again send an email. 
"I put the homework in your mailbox" - Homework is to be submitted in class. If you must submit in my mailbox, it must have your full name, my name, date and section.
"I was going to do it in advisory but I didnt get a chance." Advisory is typically not the time to complete HW get it done beforehand.
"I don't have a pen/paper/my book so I can't take notes." Ask for what you need to get the best grade possible.