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Music Appreciation

Welcome! In the Music Appreciation class also know as Intro to Music, you will develop a wider perspective of what music is and share your experiences with the school and with your community.  You will learn to play songs on the keyboard, create your own music, listen to and analyze a variety of musical genres and share your own musical interests with the class. 

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Music Appreciation Course Outline

Unit 1: What is Music? Why Music?

Discovering the various uses of music.  This unit is ongoing and expands with the units to follow.

Unit 2: No Singing?: Is it Still Music?

Rhythm vs Beat through the use of piano and voice.

Note Values (whole, quarter and eighth) 

Unit 3: Talk That Music: The ABC's of Music

With pianos, percussion and voice students will learn:

The note-names and major-scale pitches using both treble and bass clefs.

Note Values & Rests (whole, quarter eighth and *sixteenth)


Unit 4: The Effects: Musical Expression 

With piano and listening exercises:

Dynamics (ff, pp)

Articulations (staccato, legato, marcato, slurs)

Timbre, texture

Unit 5: Why Music? pt. 2 Uses of music throughout history

Through listening exercises and discourse students will discover various practices and purposes of music; development of music genres.

Students will also receive sheet music for Classical, Jazz and Pop pieces to play and analyze.

Unit 6: Didn't Know That Existed: Careers in Music
Students will explore the myriad of careers in music.

Unit 7: The Art of Performance 

Students will read and perform pieces used in class using piano and/or voice.

Students will learn how to and create an end of the year performance using voice and piano.