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Algebra 2/Trig Resources

Syllabus and Resources for Algebra 2/Trigonometry

I. Intro to Functions
    B. Stretching
    C.Parent Functions
          1. Linear Functions
          2Absolute Value Functions
          3. Quadratic Functions

II. Quadratic Equations Equations and Functions
    A. Factoring
        1. Prerequisites
            a. Review
            b. Trinomials
            c. Factoring Completely
            d. Special Forms
        2. Factoring by Grouping
    D. Solving by Quadratic Formula
        1. Part 1
        2. Part 2
    B. Powers of i

IV. Polynomials
     A. Intro
     C. Finding roots of polynomials
        1. Using a graph
        2. Factoring higher order polynomials
            a. Part 1
            b. Part 2
            c. Special Products
            d. Higher Degree Polynomials
            c. Sum of Squares 
      D. End Behavior

V. Radical and Absolute Value Equations and Functions
        1. Square Root Equations
    B. Absolute Value
        1. Equations
        2. Inequalities

VI. Rational Expressions, Equations, and Functions
    A. Reciprocal function
        1. Vertical and horizontal asymptotes
        2. Transformations of the reciprocal function
    B. Reducing Rational Expressions
    C. Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
    D. Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
        1. Like denominators
        2. Unlike denominators
    E. Nested Fractions
    F. Rational Equations
    G. Rational Inequalities
    H. Graphs of Ratinal Functions
        1. Finding vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes
        2. End behavior

VII. Exponents and Exponential Functions
    A. Prerequisites
        1. The Basics
        2. Properties
    C. Exponential Equations
        1. Solving with a Common Base
            a. Video
            b. Practice
            a. Graphing
            b. Modeling with exponential Growth and Decay
            c. Working with percents

VIII. Logarithms and Inverse Functions
        1. Common Logs
    B. Rules of Logarithms
            a. Applying change of base
        a. Word Problems
    E. Graphs of Logarithmic Functions
        a. Using Inverse Functions
        a. Definition of e

IX. Trigonometry
    A. Review of Right Triangle Trigonometry
        1. Definition 
        3. Special Right Triangles
            a. 45-45-90
            b. 30-60-90 (Start at 2:15 minute mark of video)
    B. Unit Circle
        a. Definition
        b. Angle Measure
            1. Meaning of Using Degrees
            2. Coterminal Angles
                a. Measures > 360
                b. Measure < 0
            3. Reference Angle
            4. Expressing Sin, Cos or Tan of any angle as a function of a positive acute angle
               a. Trig Functions of Special Angles
    C. Radian Measure
    D. Reciprocal Trig Functions
    E. Trig Functions
        1. Sine and Cosine curves
            a. Amplitude
            b. Period and Frequency
        2. Tangent, Cotangent, Secant and Cosecant graphs
    F. Inverse Trig Functions
        1. Evaluating
        2. Graphs
        3. Solving Equations
    G. Trig Identities
        1. Pythagorean Identities
        2. Angle Sum and Difference
        3. Double Angle and Half Angle
        4. Proofs
    H. Law of Sines
    I. Law of Cosines

X. Sequences and Series
    A. Introduction

XI. Statistics
    A. Basic Combinatorics
    B. Binomial Theorem
    C. Probability
        1. Review
            a. Independent vs. Dependent events
        2. Conditional Probability
            a. Probability without replacement
        3. Probability Distributions
            a. Discrete vs Continuous Random Variable
            b. Binomial Distribution
            c. Means and expected values
            d. Variance and standard deviation
        4. Normal Distribution
            a. The Bell Curve 
                1. 68-95-99.7 Rule
            b. Normal Approximation of Binomial
    D. Bivariate Data
            a. Linear Regression
            b. Exponential Regression