Dear Parent or Guardian:

To help our students stay healthy, our school will soon have a School-Based Health Center (SBHC) that is run by Community Healthcare Network.

The School Based Health Center works like a doctor's office . Some of the health care services the SBHC provides are:
    • routine check-ups (physicals)
    • shots (vaccines)
    • treatment for health problems like asthma and diabetes

The SBHC will provide quality health care to your child. Your child won't have to miss much time out of class when they get care at the SBHC.

The School -Based Health Center will give your child care at no cost. But, if you have health insurance for child , please give your insurance information to the SBHC. We will send a bill to your insurance company for the care your child gets . If you don't have insurance for
your child,
don 't worry. We will never turn your child away from getting care.         

If you want your child to get health care services at the SBHC , please fill out and sign the parental consent form. If you choose not to fill out and sign the form , your child cannot get the complete care listed above.

We encourage you to fill out and sign the consent form and bring it to the SBHC.

The SBHC is located at your child's school. We will update you of the exact
location in the next few months.

If you have any questions, please contact us.